Sacramental Life


Arrangements: Call Rectory.
Required Preparations: One class session…
2nd Sunday of month at 12:00pm Noon in Rectory.
Baptism: 3rd Sunday of the month at 12:00pm Noon.


Saturday: 3:45pm to 4:15pm.
Seasonal Services: Announced in Bulletin.

Anointing of Sick/Eucharist

Arrangements: Call Rectory if someone is sick or housebound or if a visit is desired.


Arrangements: Must be made DIRECTLY with a priest or deacon of the parish. Only individually registered parishioners of one year or more are eligible to be married here. This includes anyone still living at home with parents who should register individually as adult parishioners.

Sacramental Policy

Any family not bringing their children consistently to Sunday Eucharist would risk the child’s ability to receive the Sacraments of Initiation at the usual time. Such a situation would occasion a postponement of reception until a later date, when evidence of a consistent Catholic lifestyle becomes evident on the part of the family or young adult.

Sponsor Requirements

A full listing of Sponsor Requirements may be found here on the Canon Law Requirements document. A Sponsor must be a Confirmed practicing Catholic at least 16 years of age. If married, must have been married in the Catholic Church, not by a Justice of the Peace or Ordained Minister of another faith.

Parish Membership

Moving INTO Parish: Please register at Rectory AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Moving WITHIN or OUT of Parish: Please notify the Rectory of change of address/phone. Please remember St. Stephen’s Church in your Will or Estate Planning. There are financial benefits to do so while still alive and, in death, the spiritual reward of helping to continue the Church’s mission of preaching Jesus Christ. For more information, please contact the rectory.

Funeral Policy

Anyone currently registered or living within the parish boundaries are eligible for funeral rites at St. Stephen’s. Anyone living in a nursing home who was/is a registered member is eligible for funeral rites at St. Stephen’s. These are the only criteria for arranging funeral rites in the parish.