To contact any of the ministry leaders below, call the rectory @ (856) 662-9338 and we will arrange for the ministry leader to contact you ASAP.

Altar Servers

Young people who assist at liturgical celebrations

Contact: John Messina

Arts & Environment

A group that prepares the Church artistically for liturgical seasons

Contact: Maria Haas


Assists parishioners in their time of need after the death of a family member.

Contact: Janis Melfi

Bereavement Committee

Assists parishioners through various stages of bereavement beginning with visiting the sick involved with Hospice, to meeting with family to discuss Mass arrangements and the “After Care” as families experience the continued loss of a loved one.

Contact: Janis Melfi

Buildings and Grounds

Parishioners who donate their time and various skills to doing light maintenance and projects on and around our parish property, including the “Adopt–A-Flower Bed” project

Contact: Rectory

CCD Lifelong Faith Formation

A program which provides education and formation to assist parents

in meeting the spiritual and sacramental needs of children

Attached is the registration form for 2024-2025Faith Formation Registration Form 2024-25

Contact: Bill Mattia (c) 856-685-9311  email:


Eucharistic Devotion

Promotes the awareness of the gift of Eucharistic Devotion by encouraging parishioner participation

Contact: Rectory

Extraordinary Ministers

People who distribute Holy Communion

Contact: Louise D’Alessandro

Fundraising Committee

A group that works to increase the financial health of our parish through fundraisers

aimed at parishioners and non-parishioners

Contact: Joe Haas


A group that sets up and assists in all matters revolving around hospitality

Contact: Terry Modzier

Knights of Columbus

A group dedicated to church and community service that meets

the 1st & 3rd Mondays of each month

Contact: Lonnie Monaco


Parishioners who proclaim the Lord’s Words thoughtfully and joyfully

Contact: Pat Nolte

Liturgy Board

To plan, to evaluate and to implement the liturgical life of the parish in order to further the work of the Holy Spirit in building community, through worship and prayer.

Men’s Prayer / Scripture Group

A group of men who get together on Saturday mornings to review

the readings and have prayer and discussion

Contact: Joe Fagan

Music Ministry

A group with musical and vocal talents that enhance the liturgical experience through music

Contact: Nancy Werner-Kaiser

Nursing Home Ministry

People who visit the nursing home, bring residents to Mass, and serve as Eucharistic Ministers.

Contact: Mary Sharon Monaco

Parish Finance Council

Acts as an advisory board to the pastor making financial and operations recommendations; prepares the annual parish budget; maintains parish facilities; oversees stewardship programs

Pastoral Council

A group of elected or appointed people who aid the pastor in all matters pertaining to the parish

Contact: Joe Haas

Prayer Line

Performs daily intercessory prayers for the living as well as the deceased, requested through the parish prayer line offering the caller a compassionate listener and partner in prayer.

Contacts:  Bernice Taylor


A group that instructs those wishing to become Catholic and also prepares those who are Catholic to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation


Social Ministry/Justice

Provide supporting a variety of ways for families within the parish of St. Stephen’s and beyond. Help to raise consciousness of the social justice issues in an educational format that includes prayer and reflection on Catholic social issues.

Contact: Bill Mattia

Spiritual Life Board

The purpose of the Spiritual Life Board is to plan spirituality programs for the parish in Advent and Lent and to plan a parish-wide retreat (Mission) on a yearly basis.



Welcomes and greets parishioners and assists at liturgical celebrations

Contact: Keith Knight


Increase parishioners’ awareness that we all have a vocation to serve one another in love. Provide information and support in responding to the call to the single, married, religious life and priesthood.

Contacts: Elizabeth McHugh

Women’s Bible Study Group

A group of women who meet on a weekly basis to read selected passages from the Bible and have lively discussions in order to better understand God’s Word and God’s special plan for each one of us as women.

Contact: Eileen Heidi

Young Adult Ministry

Our group’s mission is to present the joy of living a vibrant, well-balanced Catholic life through traditional Catholic teachings, spiritual growth, and fellowship. We, the members of St. Stephen’s Young Adult Group, are committed to serving the needs of our group’s members, as well as the broader community of young adult Catholics ages 18-39 in the Camden Diocese.

Contact: Ally Meloni

Young Adult Music Ministry

Assists in the development of musical skills through instrumental and vocal applications

and coordinates those talents to add to the celebration of liturgy at the Young Adult Mass.

Contact: Joey Scavuzzo

Youth Ministry

Young people in grades 6 to 12 who gather together with the purpose to develop a stronger relationship with God, serve others, and become active members of the Church

Contact: Cindy Pandola