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Congratulations to Mr. Bill Mattia, our new DRE of St. Stephen Parish. I, on behalf of our parish community sincerely welcome and thank him for voluntarily accepting this responsibility to be in charge of the Faith Formation program. He will be assisted by the service of Linda Yeager, John Messina and Earl Nolte. We wish them all the best in their ministry of imparting faith to our children.  At this juncture, we offer our deep gratitude and prayers to Ms. Suzanne Underwood, who is stepping aside as Director of the Religious Formation Ministry, for her many years of inspiring our young people to know and love Jesus. She will however, continue to guide Mr. Bill Mattia as he takes this new assignment.  We presently have a small but wonderful group of young people and their families. Since our parish community is called to be “missionary disciples,” we ask for your help to reach out to your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, young people on your street, who may want know more about Jesus and be part our Religious Formation Program. Those parishioners interested in assisting our teachers are also most welcome.

Fr. Jose