St. Stephen's Religious Education Program

Office of Religious Education: (856) 662-9338, ext 6

CLASS TIMES FOR 2020-2021:
To Be Determined

Registration for 2020-2021 is $135 per family.

The 2020-2021 Religious Education Registration Form may be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

Religious Education Policy Manual.pdf

Our CCD children prayed the rosary and were lead in prayer by St. Stephen's very own
Francisco, Jucinta and Lucia, better know as Robert Gardner, Marienne Maravilla & Morgan Daniels:

CCD parent, Nancy Vales, borrowed books from the library. Had to take a picture!

Lastly, the kittens below were found on CATechetical Sunday:

In learning ABOUT GOD...
We get to KNOW GOD...
So that we may
with all our heart,
mind and soul.

MASS ATTENDANCE:  "Remember to Keep Holy the Lord's Day"
Mass attendance is an integral part of your child's faith formation. Mass attendance goes hand in hand with the CCD Program. One cannot do the work of the other. Please bring your child to Mass on Sunday!

Your child should attend each and every class. Unfortunately, even with perfect attendance, they will receive less than 35 hours of religious instruction! We sympathize in advance regarding the choices that must be made. However, sporting activities and dance classes in no way outrank religious education as priority items. Please don't confuse your child by placing these activities before the message of Jesus!

I ask that your child have no more than 3 absences per year. In the event of excessive absences a conference will be held to determine if the student is ready to move onto the next grade level.

If you know in advance of an absence, I ask that you please contact your child's teacher to obtain the missed work. Students are expected to bring a note from home when they are absent.

LATENESS is an ongoing issue. I ask that you please get your child to CCD class on time. The time is: 6:15pm until 7:30pm on Wednesday evenings. A late child disrupts the class and leaves the child at a disadvantage in the class.

Decision to cancel CCD classes will be made as soon as possible due to weather. If the public school is closed, we are closed automatically. When St. Stephen's School classes have been cancelled due to weather, the CCD Program will automatically cancel.

All families are to park and escort their children into the St. Stephen's School Lobby! The safety of your child and all children is very important to us!

No Child is to be dropped off at the front doors for any reason. You must park in the lot and walk your child to the front entrance and into the building to sign in. Also, you must park in the lot and come into the building to pick up your child after class and sign them out. This serves as notice in the event of any claims against our church or our program.

ALL CHILDREN should be picked up promptly at the end of class (7:30pm)

First Penance and First Communion are received during the second grade. According to Diocesan guidelines, your child must attend both years of CCD classes in order to receive these sacraments. I ask that you check the calendar pertaining to parent meetings because they are mandatory.

First Communion will be received on Saturdays during the Spring. Letters will be sent home regarding dates and times for rehearsals and ceremonies.

Confirmation is received during the middle school years, usually the 8th grade. Your child must attend 2 years of CCD classes in order to receive this sacrament. Your child must attend Mass regularly. Students will interview with the Pastor as well as actively participate in the life of the Church and the Parish.
All dates and times for rehearsals and ceremonies will be sent by letter.

Your child is expected to behave in a manner as is appropriate in an educational setting.

1. Respecting teachers, adults and fellow students.
2. Respecting school property. DO NOT touch the contents of the desk you sit it!
3. Proper attire should be worn. No baseball caps, no FlipFlops, and no revealing clothing of any kind will be allowed. No bulky chains around neck, waist or hips (injuries may arise).
4. Be prepared for class. Remember to bring your book and paper and pencil or pen. Please complete all assignments.

A child who continually fails to follow these guidelines will:
1. Receive a warning from their teacher
2. Be sent to office to discuss inappropriate behavior
3. Will be asked to return the following week with their parent for conference with CRE and teacher.
4. If necessary, the child may be asked to leave the program.
Please remember to keep the Religious Education Program and our fine Catechists in your prayers. We do not operate alone. It is a community effort that involves FAMILIES who profess their faith and live their Christian values, PRIESTS who believe, proclaim and exemplify the Good News to the parish community. PROFESSIONAL AND VOLUNTEER STAFF MEMBERS who respond to the call of discipleship by sharing the message with this community, and the ENTIRE PARISH who prays for the Spirit to bless these efforts given in love.
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